Our Top Ten Soil Products:

Organic Garden MIx

Earth 4 Turf 

Organic Garden Compost




Organic Compost



Liquid Soil Improver

Bettergrow Fertiliser

Products produced from recycled materials



Naturaliser is a liquid soil conditioner developed from drilling slurries and bentonite. This product is superior moisture retention characteristics in sandy soils and also increases the organic matter by the proprietary organic products blended in at the processing facility.

Resoil is a blend of recycled soils and composted garden organics. The utilisation of Resoil replaces normal top soil which in turn saves the environment from being degraded by excavating top soil deposits along river embankments etc.

Mine Mix

Mine Mix is a product utilised for the rehabilitation of quarries, mine sites and drastically disturbed landscapes. Mine Mix is developed as a specific product for specific rehabilitation requirements. After extensive soil analysis and sampling are undertaken on the rehabilitation site.

Bettergrow Fertiliser

Bettergrow Organic Fertiliser is available in a prilled uniform size, is manufactured from digested food by-products through a controlled process finished in a thermal dryer. The unique uniform prill size enhances the value of the product and its physical characteristics of being able to be easily spread and blended in as an ingredient in other fertilisers.


Bettergrow Organic Fertiliser is in limited production and is a unique product in Australia.