Experience and Projects

​Sydney Water's Malabar Contaminated Biosolids Stabilisation Project.
Biosolids contaminated with mercury were stabilised utilising the internationally patented N-Viro Soil process. At the end of the project, all processed biosolids were deemed acceptable and met the TCLP test for landfilling in NSW. This project was required to be done as an emergency. Extensive plant and equipment were flown into Australia from the United States to successfully complete the project in the contracted time frame.



N-Viro Soil facility installed for emergency situation at North Head Sewage Treatment Plant when incinerators were decommissioned. Bettergrow processed approximately 150,000 tonne of biosolids into N Viro Soil and developed markets for 100% of the product after three years. The N-Viro soil process converts raw or digested biosolids into a long term stabilised organic alkaline soil conditioner and liming material. 

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Hunter Water Biosolids Contracts 
Bettergrow previously managed 100% of Hunter Water’s biosolids for approx. 10 years with all biosolids going to mine site rehabilitation and agricultural re-use on broad acre properties.


Logan Waste Water Treatment Plant, Queensland –

N-Viro Soil process utilised to transform odorous biosolids into N-Viro Soil utilised on mine site rehabilitation and agricultural activities throughout South East QLD and Toowoomba regions.

Events & Workshops

Lower Molonglo Sewage Treatment Plant, Canberra – Emergency N Viro Soil plant established when incinerator building was damaged by a fire. The N Viro Soil process was operational within 72 hours and remained on site for six months. All product manufactured were sold to farming enterprises.​

Residuals management services located at Prospect Reservoir. BetterGrow provides full services including transport, drying and residuals management for this site.

All materials dried and recycled on site are 100% beneficially reused in the landscape market or mine site rehabilitation. 

Case Studies


INNOVATION 1: Did you know that BetterGrow introduced the first commercial biosolids stabilisation process into Australia approximately 20 years ago by purchasing the Australian rights for the patented N Viro Soil process? Approximately 1 million tonne of N Viro Soil has been produced and sold in AUstralia! 

Organic Compost Marketing

Bettergrow has provided approximately 25,000 tonne of organic compost produced in Sydney out of organic waste included in household rubbish. This compost has been recycled to Australian Standards and utilised for mine site rehabilitation in various mines in the Hunter Valley NSW.


Bettergrow’s liquid injection business recycled up to 6,000 tonne per month including processed grease trap waste and liquids from dairy product manufacturers and food manufacturing companies. All liquid products utilised underwent stringent quality control before being beneficially reused into agricultural soil enhancement programs on the property.