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About Bettergrow 

"with over 35 years of expertise, the Bettergrow team helped me reduce my operational costs significantly. Bettergrows practical, no nonsense approach soon developed a program to convert my garden waste into a 100% sustainable re-use product. It was a pleasure working with the team at Bettergrow, I certainly made the right decision jumping from a larger waste company to the dedicated people at Bettergrow."  


Established in 1978, Bettergrow Pty Ltd has become one of the most innovative recyclers of organic residuals and by-products in Australia. Bettergrow offer a range of practical solutions for a variety of organic products that can be converted to products suitable for beneficial re-use in a range of markets.

Bettergrow is located in the Hawkesbury Valley of New South Wales at Vineyard. The company also operates off various clients premises which enable us to offer economical sustainable solutions.

The team at Bettergrow prides itself in developing various beneficial re-use markets for a large range of organic products. Products recycled by Bettergrow include drilling slurries, biosolids, garden organics, food waste, grease trap waste, etc.


Background and History

Neil Schembri purchased the poultry manure supply business from his parents Alex and Pat Schembri from Vineyard NSW. Neil’s parents had developed markets for the poultry manure generated from the chickens at their “Laymour Poultry Farm”.
Alex Schembri was one of the first pioneers in composting chicken manure and blending it with other products to add value to what was previously regarded as a waste product.

A range of home garden composts and soil conditioners is developed out of various composted products. Bettergrow developed a range of products suitable for the home garden market and within four years were selling 1.5 million bags of potting mixes, soil conditioners and mulches to the NSW Nursery Industry. 

Bettergrow commence operations in Queensland to contract pack fertilisers and manufacture potting mixes and composts for two large home garden supply companies. Bettergrow develops and gains recognition as the first company in Queensland to gain approvals for utilising biosolids on agricultural ground. Soon after, Bettergrow was managing over 200,000 tonne per annum of biosolids from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.

Bettergrow's range of home garden products becomes a well-recognised brand within the NSW Nursery Industry. Approximately 250,000 cubic metres of various organic materials are used per annum to create the Bettergrow top ten garden products marketed in both bulk and bagged form throughout the NSW Nursery Industry.

Bettergrow achieves a milestone in its utilisation and management of biosolids in NSW and QLD. By this stage, Bettergrow has managed more than 1 million tonnes of biosolids in South East Queensland and rural New South Wales. A large percentage of the biosolids were converted using the internationally patented N-Viro process and biosolids converted into a much sought after organic liming material marketed as N-Viro soil.

Bettergrow purchases an old disused coal mine at Swanbank via Ipswich in South East Queensland. The site had significant rehabilitation requirements and Bettergrow was able to demonstrate and justify that the site be transformed into an eco-recycling park comprising of a composting facility for biosolids and garden waste, construction and demolition landfill for approximately 5 million cubic metres of materials.

​Part of the site was eventually sold for significantly more than purchased, demonstrating the value of organics in parts of the rehabilitation of the site. 

Bettergrow’s liquid recycling facility at Badgerys Creek at NSW is managing and beneficially re-using 6 million litres per month of various food product liquids and treated grease trap liquids in agricultural projects where the nutrients and various products are utilised for soil enhancement purposes significantly increasing the stock carrying capacity and fodder production of the property.

Bettergrow develops unique drill slurry recycling and beneficial re-use options to cater for the expanding non-destructive and horizontal directional drilling industries. Bettergrow worked closely with the NSW EPA to develop a specific exemption to gain approvals to value add and be able to utilise the materials for soil conditioning purposes.

Bettergrow negotiates to purchase a second disused coal mine from Austral Bricks at Swanbank via Ipswich, Queensland. Again, this site has significant rehabilitation requirements and Bettergrow’s plan is to again utilise various organic products in the rehabilitation of it and have an innovative approach to the further development of the property.  The site is located in the Swanbank Enterprise Park, the site also has in excess of 6 million tonnes of high quality clay suitable for landfill liners, construction works and brick making purposes. This resource is rare in the near vicinity. Significant value will be generated from the extraction and sale of the clay resource.

Bettergrow successfully tenders for the management and beneficial reuse of biosolids for Hawkesbury City Council. Bettergrow was successful in the tender and has been awarded a contract to exclusively manage and beneficially reuse Hawkesbury City Councils biosolids.  A range of unique soil conditioning and compost products will be developed utilising patented microbial inoculants that will give significant benefits to broad acre agricultural soils. Dedicated biosolids transport trailers have been purchased specifically for this contract.

Bettergrow has purchased the former NSW Liquid Recycling Centre at Bathurst and the business associated with it. Bettergrow sees this as an exciting development to expand the Bettergrow liquid activities in the region and beyond. The site is licensed to receive and process grease trap waste, J120’s and certain industrial liquids. The business is now named the Bettergrow Liquid Recycling Centre Pty Ltd. A range of liquid soil conditioners will be developed from the facility to be destined for various beneficial reuse markets throughout the Central West with a particular focus on agricultural soil conditioners.
Bettergrow finalises earthworks in its Queensland Resource Recovery  & Landfill. The site is the first Greenspot Eco-Business & Recycling Park initiative in Queensland and is licensed to accept 200,000 tonne per annum of construction and demolition waste.
The Greenspot Eco-Business & Recycling Park will be a full scale resource recovery park in the second quarter of 2016. The landfill has a capacity of 4 million tonne. The project is a significant project under the Bettergrow group and has a life span in excess of 20 years.
The Greenspot initiative is a long-term goal of Bettergrow to not only receive and beneficially reuse its clients materials but also to create a park where other businesses can operate on.

Bettergrow were awarded a large portion of the Sydney Water Biosolids contract.

We purchased a number of new machines to help deal with the increased amount of work Bettergrow has due to the Sydney Water Biosolids and recently awarded garden organics contracts.

The Greenspot Hunter Valley Composting Facility opened in April 2017. This is a significant facility for Bettergrow to cater for the vast rehabilitation requirements of coal mines in the Hunter Valley NSW. The site is a 45ha approved composting site for garden organics, biosolids and other organics will be added to the licence in coming months.

Bettergrow purchased a number of key properties that will help us boost our capabilities, these include:

The adjoining property to the Bathurst Liquid Recycling facility including a 1,600 square metre building. This will help future expansion with the various products recycled in Bathurst and significantly increase Bettergrow's Bathurst operations.

A 2.5 hectare site at Wetherill Park NSW to receive state planning and EPA approvals for a 200,000 TPA organics receival, processing and transfer station.

40 hectares at Moonee on NSW's Central Coast for a future recycling facility. It is also an operational sand and conglomerate rock quarry, ideally located between Newcastle and Sydney for Bettergrow's expanding drill mud slurry recycling operations.

Greenspot acquired a 40 hectare site adjoining its Memorial Drive C&D land filling facility. The property has DA and EPA approval for 500,000 tonne per annum C&D recycling operations which will significantly increase Greenspot's building material recycling capabilities in South East Queensland, given the introduction of the Government levy on 01/07/2019

Bettergrow has acquired the Sunnyside aggregation property in the Parkes/Forbes district Central West NSW of 2,500ha cropping and grazing country. This now takes the total land holdings of Bettergrow in this district to 4,500ha. The property will be farmed and will also utilise biosolids and other organic byproducts Bettergrow is contracted to manage. This offers clients long term sustainable reuse options for the various products Bettergrow manage.

Bettergrow is working with Energy Australia on a program to repurpose the decommissioned Wallerawang power station site, near Lithgow in New South Wales, in the hope of establishing a new industry location and local jobs.



Over a 40-year history Bettergrow has built a strong reputation in transforming “brown field sites” such as coal mines, ash dams and industrial sites to industrial hubs that benefit the local community.


Examples include the Swanbank site near Ipswich, QLD; the Oceanic Coal Box Flat coal washery plant in Ipswich; some ash dams of coal-fired power stations in the Hunter Valley, to name a few.


The exciting next opportunity before Bettergrow is a program to repurpose the former Wallerawang power station in regional New South Wales, made possible by an exclusive deal with plant owner, Energy Australia.


The agreement allows Bettergrow access to the site to assess its repurposing value and to work toward a long-term agreement. After this work is completed Bettergrow may purchase the Wallerawang power station site and some of the surrounding buffer land.



Bettergrow’s vision for the site is to establish a Greenspot Eco-Industrial Park and to create between two and three hundred jobs in the region, during construction and while in operation.  


The site would house Bettergrow and other businesses. A rail-link and intermodal freight hub is also under consideration, to transport materials and reduce the dependency on trucks travelling on the Castlereagh and Great Western highways each day.


Making this a reality would mean retaining some existing infrastructure rather than it being demolished.



There’s a lot of work to do before a final decision can be made on the future of the Wallerawang site. Bettergrow is using this current period to conduct detailed due diligence and discuss opportunities with companies interested in establishing business on site.


Visit this webpage again in future for further updates on Bettergrow’s plan for Wallerawang.


Bettergrow is very keen on working consultatively with the local community and will establish a Community Consultation Office in Wallerawang/Lithgow in due time and keep the local community updated on progress.


Bettergrow thanks Energy Australia and the local community for their support and hopes to deliver on breathing new life into the old Wallerawang site.



















Servicing our clients needs 

Drill Slurries and water from horizontal directional drillers and hydro excavation works.

There is no doubt that BetterGrow is an industry leader when providing customers with practical realistic solutions that work; we have a comprehensive and innovative product and service range focused around beneficial reuse and we have 35 years of expertise. 

Through our product development and significant research, we understand the need for expansion and providing solutions with quality assurance focused around material management, so we specialise in designing then delivering specific services or products for our diverse range of clients. It is for this reason that BetterGrow can ensure new processes and recycling equipment and technology in the market to remain leaders in providing you with natural organic solutions with beneficial reuse. 

The team at Bettergrow is determined and guarantees to provide the best possible beneficial reuse for clients organic residues. Bettergrow will only propose a solution to clients when we believe our reuse option is the best solution for the clients organic residues. If for whatever reason Bettergrow does not possess the best outcome for the client, the client will be informed for the reasons why and may offer alternative solutions.

Green waste/ garden waste from council collections,
private households and property maintenance companies.

Stormwater collection, recycling from various construction sites
or sites where stormwater accumulates.

Grease trap waste and liquid waste from food manufacturers.

Clean wood waste from timber frame & truss manufacturers and other EPA approved sources.

Gyprock from new home constructions and building sites.

Biosolids from sewerage treatment plants.

Food waste from supermarkets or near use by date food products.

Naturaliser liquid soil conditioner application unit